Hashdocs vs DocSend

Why should you switch to using Hashdocs?

  • Need to share a pitch deck with investors while restricting access to certain domains?

  • Want to set an expiry date for content shared with your clients / vendors?

  • Or simply track pieces of content your viewers are engaging the most with?

Unlike an email attachment that is in the wild once it leaves your outbox, secure link sharing is a great way to maintain full control over your sensitive documents.

And for most part, Docsend has been a great starting point.

From single document upload & sharing to creating custom spaces and virtual data rooms, it serves the document sharing needs of startups and enterprises alike.

Most teams using Docsend have the same issues

Basic features gated by price

Many basic features are gated by price tiers, with the costs becoming prohibitive for small teams. See below a review by a user


Not fully secure

Docsend does not restrict print to PDF, making it easy for sensitive documents to be copied and shared widely. See another review below


Inaccurate engagement tracking

The accuracy in tracking can be wildly off (especially if someone leaves the doc open)


Unintuitive and clunky UX

User experience is unintuitive with users struggling to find even basic CTAs


Introducing Hashdocs - a secure, open-source Docsend alternative



Free Tier for small teams (upto 1 document and 3 links)

Growth: $15 per month per user for unlimited documents & link sharing

Ease of use: 5/5

Intuitive and easy to use

Functionality: 3/5

Several features, including virtual data room and e-signatures are coming soon


  1. Advanced Link Controls

In addition to setting passwords, expiry dates and restricting downloads, Hashdocs allows you to restrict access to specific domains and even watermark documents in the free plan! Now have full control on your document without having to upgarde to a paid plan.

  1. Enhanced Security

Hashdocs ensures robust security by completely disabling the ability to copy or print content - ensuring that your sensitive information is well-protected. No more worries that your sensitive documents are simply being printed and saved!

  1. Completely Open Source

By completely open sourcing the code, Hashdocs allows users to view, audit and self host, allowing you to fully trust the software that handles your sensitive documents.

  1. Transparent and simple pricing

Unlike Docusend, the Hashdocs free plan includes access to all features allowing small teams to create and share documents rapidly. For large teams, the growth plan offers a cost effective solution for all document sharing needs.


Use Hashdocs (opens in a new tab) to share your sensitive documents seamlessly. Now manage secure access to your docs with powerful link controls and advanced tracking, all from one sleek dashboard.

What more, Hashdocs is open source, giving you the ability to view, audit and contribute to the project (opens in a new tab).