Startups Compendium by Hashdocs

Startups Compendium is a compilation of useful resources for startup founders across a wide range of topics, including:

  • Fundraising | Pitch deck templates, term sheet teardowns, fundraising 101
  • Building your product | Building an MVP,
  • Managing your finances | Managing your cap table, runway, burn
  • Hiring your team | Hiring your first team members, building a remote team, startup culture
  • Building your brand | Building your brand, PR 101, social media marketing

This blog is our way of giving back to the startup community. We benefitted massively from resources like YC's startup school, and we hope this blog helps you in your journey.

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About Hashdocs

Hashdocs is an open-source Docsend alternative created by Bharat (opens in a new tab) and Swapnika (opens in a new tab) in 2023. Hashdocs enables you to securely share documents with custom links and permissions, and advanced page-level tracking

We built Hashdocs to solve our own problem - we were sharing our pitch deck with investors and wanted to restrict access to certain domains. We also wanted to track how much time investors were spending on each slide.

To support us, consider purchasing a paid subscription to Hashdocs. It's massively cheaper relative to similar tools, and you get access to all features.